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In 1982 Rolandas Pocius was born in central Lithuania, Kėdainiai. 

In 2004, after being expelled from college in Vilnius, he self-studied various master’s techniques and photographic textures.

In 2007 he debuted in a news agency as a press photographer. From 2008 worked as a freelance photographer taking all kinds of assignments from portraits to editorials, products and weddings.

 A few years after he moved to the UK in 2013, the artist broke down, which made him search for uncharted fields. The author started to explore the surreality of reality by documenting on camera cities streets, landscapes, and people.

In 2016 the artist started the ‘White in Black’ life-saving London street photography series. He adopted the impressionistic longer-exposure approach in his workflow as a central point to create sketchy, painterly effects. In this ongoing body of work, he transforms visual reality into a subjective interpretation. 

In 2019 the artist shifted towards fashion photography. He spent one year in Vilnius photographing fashion agencies models and products for e-commerce platforms learning the fast fashion industry backstage. Consequentially in 2020, the artist started an ongoing visual language photographic series ‘Second-hand Fashion Culture’. The project is about the benefits of wearing and styling preowned fashion.

Feel free to reach out for collaboration.

In 2022 the artist moved to Reykjavik where he started the ‘Forget Yor Key’ series. He goes back to further exploration of the impressionistic black-and-white photographic texture documenting city streets and rocky Icelandic landscapes.

In 2023 the artist moved to Vilnius, where he currently lives. He works on ‘The Simple Life’ series in a tiny apartment art studio.